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We are now recruiting for our new lab in the beautiful North:

We are generously supported by the European Research Council and the Swedish Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

Postdoctoral fellowships

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To pursue independent research on a range of topics. Most projects will revolve around using forward genetic screens to open up new areas of Plasmodium biology, because this is currently a unique strength of the lab. We want to apply these approaches widely to discover exciting new biology and to find vaccine candidates. So whether you are interested in transmission blocking interventions or want to study the comparative biology and evolution of meiosis, send us your application.

Consider that a genetic screen that opens up a new area of biology is a great way of setting yourself up for starting your own lab!

The team is also getting more and more interested in single cell approaches for studying parasite interactions with mosquito tissues and immune cells.

Here the advert that will soon go live on the Umeå University jobs page.  In the meantime, don’t hesitate to send any enquiries or applications to . If you get in touch, please tell us what drives you and what you are most interested in.

The projects provided in the advert are just examples. If you like the gist of it, let’s talk. For informal enquiries, contact us on .

A note on how postdoctoral projects can be >2 years at UmU: Postdocs often start on a 2-year fellowship before they move on to a position, since both are time-limited. I always encourage and support suitable candidates to also apply for external fellowships, for instance from EMBO, the European Commission or HSFP. These are great for your CV!

PhD Positions

Positions may be advertised in future. Make sure to get in touch now if you are interested.